I want to tell you about my experiences with the…

I want to tell you about my experiences with the Secret Society.  I received a letter in the mail inviting me to join a group of people called the Secret Society.  This letter was full  of complementary things such as I was special and this was a special time or phase in my life that I was entering. The Society recognized special skills and talents in me and wanted to share information that would better my life, world, finances and love life.

I was thinking how much will this cost and that it’s just a scam to get money.  At best it was some type of cult or religion wanted me to join and eventually would take my money.  I told them that the information they offered sounded good (because it really did sound very interesting) but I just didn’t have that kind of money for their books right now.  I figured the Secret Society would drop me like a hot potato with no money to give.  Well, boy was I wrong.  They responded to me dropping the price of their information very low so I could afford it.  They said they wanted me to join because they saw in me talents and skills that were very special as I stated before.  So I sent the money and still a little part of me still was suspicious.

Shortly I received a book of information which I’m still reading and absorbing the information.  I received invitations to clubhouse meetings and have been personally contacted through letters by my mentor (who is a world known television personality).  Everything I was offered and told I would receive has been done just as it was offered to me by the secret society.

I will continue to be involved with these people as they seem very sincere and have kept to their words to me.  Actually I feel very excited to learn more information and meet these exciting people.  They sought me out and are very excited to meet me and what I things can bring to the Society.


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  1. Kay Samalin on

    Hi member, once you take the step and purchase the book, a door swings open and the new world lays before you. We are moving into Neothink. Neothink, Twelve Visions Party and people such as you will bring us into an extraordinary life. I look forward to meeing you one day.

    New York City

  2. tracy on

    I want the book I am special i am differant help me to understand

  3. Derrick Davis on

    A few years ago I joined the Secret Society but I never got a password or username for the website not to mention I was in a car accident previous to getting the book plus I had a brain injury so I was ina really bad place in my life I wonder if Mark Hamilton read this message and plus he have my name if he can please send me my username and to join the Secret Society website

  4. Derrick Davis on

    I will read the Society of Secrets book again but now I wish you will pick me as one of the people to get a letter to join the Neothink Society also please

  5. James Mccray on

    I am a new member of the neothink society and I wish to become a very good person for to learn your way of life I am on my way of being there so give me a change in life.

  6. gary strong on

    I Also received that special letter. and was very skeptical at first. I thaught they were trying to scam me.But let me tell you my life has really changed in just a few days of receiving my book.My wife and I couldn’t believe the way things seem to work out for us. I live in texas. And this is a true story. I received my book on a sunday from ups. I read a little of it and thaught ok this is cool. Ill get back to it later because im no book reader at all……………anyway My wife and I are driving along and I kept seeing a vision of 5000 dollars.Now this is where it gets weird I never play the lottery.Mainly because I cant afford it. But I went inside of a store and baught 2 scratch off tickits gave my wife one and I took the other. we scratched them off and my wife won 20.00 dollars the same amount I paid for the tickit .I won 5000 dollars. the same sunday I received this book . its amazing I cant read enough of it. And I look forward to more letters from my mentore. neothink society is amazing and I truly pray they keep sending me more to read and more letters. G Strong

  7. Simons on

    I want to be a member of Neothink society .
    How do I become a member , I am writing from
    From Africa , Cameroon precisely .
    Waiting for your reply soon.

  8. Linda morris on

    I was invited the secret society maybe 8 years ago I didn’t know what it was then but I kind of know what it is now very very interested the tablet that was mailed to me and what it will cost but I didn’t have money then I’m very interested in secret society

  9. Meghan on

    I received a letter about 8-10 years ago inviting to joint but I could not afford the book. I often wonder how my life would be now if I had of joined

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