Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party

My fellow brothers and sisters,

I understand how difficult these times are and how precious your time is. I know how hard you work every day to keep yourself or family afloat, therefore I feel it of the utmost importance that I plead this case to you. There are in this world today a number of people who have labored to find answers to the problems we all see daily. By learning from these people, I have changed my life from one of ignorant conformity, to one of unlimited potential for our entire universe.

When I look at the leaders today, I do not feel confidence. They all talk the same and end up doing the same.  Believe me when I say there is a solution.  It begins with a new way of thinking. First and foremost, it gives hope for the world to move forward and take the next step towards the future.

This way of thinking is coming, and it is sound. It is the natural next step for conscious human beings.

It is this progression which our founding fathers were expecting our country and the world to move towards. We have been caught up in a control the masses mentality from our religious leaders, to our own government.

The people I speak of are your neighbors, co workers and friends. They had all yearned for answers. And in their search found Neothink and Mark Hamilton.  It is logic which should rule. It is for the benefit of every living , conscious human being that these ideas should be given thought.

There is at this time a movement which you too can be a part of. It is political in nature only to the extent of making politics a thing of the past. It is revolutionary yet so simple, but it does desperately need your support. I would ask you to put aside your social heredity for a moment and look at the possibility’s .  Can you be open to learning something so new it would change the direction of the world in which we live. It would give every man woman and child an unlimited potential for happiness and well being. The ideas are here. They have only been hidden. They have been hushed and censored by the powerful.

The movement I speak of is called the Twelve Visions Party.  It is a political movement to give all of us who scream from within for a correct path for this country and world to walk. One which stops terror. Stops coercion  and brings true civility to our planet. A great man proclaimed His dream.

Another taught that Heaven was in our midst. Someone else stated, Ask and it shall be given. And believe me there are many more which are true and in desperate need of being sincerely taught.

All these simple truths are being constantly manipulated and disguised. Our children should be learning the secrets to happiness and success. Every single one is unique and so unbelievably precious. Yes there are facts which should be taught, but in line with the interests of the individual child.

So I ask you to please read the platform of the Twelve Visions Party with an open mind.  Forget for a moment the doom sayers who see only the negative.  Look at your inner child and ask what if . This attempt we take is a long shot.  It is a dream. It is similar to what our founding Fathers sought when they stated the pursuit of happiness. We all have a right to progress. We all have a right to happiness.

Whatever benefits the individual, benefits every one of us. We have before us choices. To keep doing and thinking as we have in the past which leads to some horrible massive life loosing scenario in the near future either from terrorists or medical crisis , or to slowly change the very basic way in which we think and feel and welcome all the positive life benefiting rewards due every one of us.

I have been so blessed by learning there is hope for every single individual. That there is a logical, sound plan by which we can move forward into a bright future.

I , playfully, always looked at the show Star trek as a possible bright spot in mans future. To go where no man has gone before. That statement is here now and possible for every just, loving sincere person to take a small amount of hard earned money and read exactly what this plan is. If you have ever thought what legacy can I leave my children for them to know I cared for their future, then read this, think about it and if you too agree that it is about time we take the next step, then join this movement of trust and belief in the future. It is but a small contribution to give for the massive potential benefits we shall all realize.

With my heart felt hope, sincerely,   Tom K




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8 Responses to “Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party”

  1. Larry L. Stuler on

    I have been a reader and follower of Neo-Tech for a little over 20 years.
    I have only recently been able to find the answer to my own private question – “How did a free sovereign individual become subject to a slew of federal agencies?”.
    The Twelve Visions Party has the right motive and will deliver what it promises. I guarantee it because of what I have to offer.
    All Americans have been deceived by the federal government through its Social Security scheme. Applying for a Social Security number made you a federal employee – only federal employees are subject to federal employment taxes.
    The definition of “taxpayer” is found deep in the regulations implementing the internal revenue code – it is a member of the Merchant Marine, a federal employee.
    I have been in Mark Hamilton’s mentor series, but I did not join the Neo-Tech Society secret website because it stated that whatever I posted would become property of the Society. That would have taken away what is my “Friday Night Essence”. I am now giving everyone, beginning with the Twelve Visions Party right now, the actual internal revenue laws – internal revenue is a subset of the customs. The income tax applies to collectors/assessors of internal revenue. FICA is a US possessions tax. All of the details are on my blog which includes a link to my actual court case documents which expose the deception of the federal government.
    I just recently posted my blog. It was only this past June/July timeframe that I was finally able to put all of the pieces together. This is not my interpretation of some esoteric feeling that something is wrong with our country. I have the actual legal cites that define all the legal terms that the government uses and the actual legal cites that define filing an income tax. I have not seen anyone else ever show the legal cites that lead to willful failure to file.
    It was by studying the Neo-Tech literature over the last 20 years that gave me the tools to take what looked like one thing in perception, became another thing in conception, and finally fell together in integration.
    I followed Dr. Wallace’s battles with the IRS many years ago. I hope that my findings will vindicate him. Please visit my blog for all of the details. Thank you.

  2. Lila Bennett on

    Dear Tom,
    I am heartened to hear your words so beautifully stated about what you have learned from Mark Hamilton’s writings, what these comprehensions have done for your outlook on this present and into the future=You are a visionary and I am very pleased you are a member of this Neothink Society and a supporter of the Twelve Visions Party. You can see honestly into the intentions of your fellow members, and realize the Love and service capabilities to be given by us to our own lives and to the life of our Nation.
    I am also impressed by the long-term effects of Mark Hamilton’s writings have had on Mr.Stuler, who commented above, and his intentions to assist others to clearly see a path through those legal ramifications that do obscure anyone’s comprehension of how to help themselves to a better life, free of these legal limitations.
    Love, Lila Bennett

  3. Kenneth Townsend on

    Tom K

    I agree with you Tom A New way of thinking= Neothink® and it is the next step for conscious human thought. Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party will put this country on the correct path so that we can have a New Beginning of peace and prosperity. We can have that bright future by supporting the TVP® and bring Wealth, Health, Peace to everyone!

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton!

    Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

    Order the book, Wealth, Health, Peace! 888-859-6859

    Neothink® Member services, 800-480-2336

    With Love Kenneth

  4. Liz Szarka on

    Tom, I enjoyed your mention of the “inner child,” a key term found in Mark Hamilton’s literature and widely discussed on the Neothink member website.

    What children lack in life-experience, they well make up for in having huge amounts of fertile, open range brain turf that is so full of eagerness to: learn, gain experience, have an effect on their environment through self-creativity/-indulgences and natural curiosity, burn tanks of energy without excuses as to why they shouldn’t, believe in themselves fearlessly without thought as to “how” or “whom” they might fail when they do try to learn or do something, etc, etc, etc….

    Any and all adults would do well to rediscover, nurture, and love their own individual child within as well they would love their own physical children and the other children of this world.

    We need reminders, such as yours, that we may become as children willing to learn and with as much carefree attitudes as we can muster – while taking our life experience and wisdom along with us on our wonderful journeys….

    Warm Regards,


  5. Kay Samalin on

    Tom, I have one thought I carry with me and that is what is the future for my grandchildren. I truly believe we will create an extraordinary life for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. I thank Mark Hamilton for creating the Twelve Visions Party and mentoring us so we can change the system we are living in into a world of wealth, health and happiness.

    New York City

  6. Jill A Reed on

    Tom K.

    It has been thousands of years since the leaders wanted us to find solutions. That is something that we have learned as members of The Neothink Society. It is a tragedy how so few ruling class people can control the masses. When more and more of us understand the workings of the bicameral mind, the rest of society, the 2nd class citizens will prosper.

    It saddened me to learn of this at first, because I felt for my ancestors, and their lack of understanding. Gaining this understanding I am prepared to bring about the Twelve Visions Party, founded by Mark Hamilton, to free everyone, including the poor and elderly. We shall soar in Prosperity. For those who want an understanding of this matter please order “Wealth, Health, Peace”. For less than $1 per day for 1 month, you can find out what has been withheld from your kin for thousands of years. Learn the Secret.
    Call 1-888-859-6859 today.

    I look forward to meeting you sometime soon Tom. We shall set the people free. We the People of the United States shall love our way to freedom because we all want happiness, love, and pride. We just want to be accepted for who we are individuals.


    Jill A. Reed

  7. Melvin G. Cornwell on

    The seed has been planted and will grow and someday blossom thanks to Mark Hamilton in one of the comments I read some one suggested making movie of the miss annabell story I believe that is a good idea. with known actors and actress and properly permoted would go a long way in bringing our mission to the people it might even be the straw that broke the camels back.
    81 year old Melvin

  8. Ralph Menchaca on

    My name is Ralph Menchaca. I am a Visionary, of
    the Twelve Visions Party. Come Join-in with Mark
    Hamilton, and all the Visionaries of the Party!
    Become the person you were meant to be, and live the life you were meant to live, in the Twelve
    Visions World! Everyone will become Wealthy, Healthy, and Prosperous!

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