Mark Hamilton’s Secret Meetings

Hi I’m Marcia and I’m a very fortunate
neothink member. I’ve been attending, Mark Hamilton’s secret level meetings on
the secret website. Those whom have not yet had the priviledge of attending these incredible secret meeetings on the
web, you have been missing out, big time! I absolutely love to hear Mark
speak. The words that flow from Mark’s
lips is devine music to the ears! These
are motivational,inspirational meetings.
I invite everyone to join. These meetings will touch the inner child in you, take you on exciting journeys that
leads to the person you were meant to be, unleash hidden talents and reveal
dreams we once had as a child, play as
a child. Speaking of fun. Mark Hamilton’s meetings are fun, never boring. These meetings are only available to neothink society memebers.
So if anyone’s interested, you must
first become a member of the neothink
society in order to attend and enjoy the
most exhilerating meetings, on the web,
of your entire life! I’ve only scratched the surface of what goes on in
mind-blowing meeting via web. There’s
a whole lot more that Mark Hamilton
reveals in these secret meetings. So if
anyone is interested and wants to enjoy
these beautiful secret meetings with
Mark Hamilton on the web, don’t hesitate, join neothink society today.
Mark Hamilton will be your personal mentor, mentoring you every step of this
thrilling journey. Good luck and may you
become the person that you were meant to
be. Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “Mark Hamilton’s Secret Meetings”

  1. kostas despos on

    I TO have enjoyed Mark Hamilton secret meetings on the web and yes he dos speak to the child of the past, the child that wants to play, THE CHILD THAT WANTS TO HAVE FUN,



    I’VE recieved Heirloom over a week ago,i must say i’m excited but sceptical,because in the past i join things & it hurt me & my family,maybe that’s one reason why i haven’t told my wife of 27-years.
    I’ll be 50-years old may-1st i’m thankful to see another year,i don’t celebrate birthday’s or holiday’s,i’m just thankful to (JEHOVAH) FOR THE BREATH OF LIFE HE’S GIVING ME..
    Before you start to pass judgement on me i’m not perfect i’ve made many mistakes in my life trying to follow JESUS CHRIST foot steps as close i can, doing research from the Bible i’m trying to live in a paradise earth, the way we were meant to live before ADAM & EVE & SATAN THE DEVIL destroyed our chances of living forever in a paradise earth, that is why JEHOVAH SENT HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to give us another chance at a perfect life.
    A perfect man ADAM lost our chance at everlasting so JESUS CHRIST loved mankind so much he gave his life as a RANSOME for us all.
    As for me i can’t seem to shake this feeling that i have, i just feel as i’m suppose to be living alot better than i’m living, i just feel as though somebody in life is holding out on me.
    I love people and i try to treat people the way i want to be treated, my job i’m a paratransit for people with disibilities i enjoy helping people but as of sept,2009 i’ve been out of work because when i was driving the bus someone broad sided me & injured my back & neck, i’ve been at this job for 8-years ibeen injured about 5-different times as a result July 2007 i had a right knee replacement.
    I read the 56-page manual & i’m on page 29 reading diagram-4 i read the 56-page manual twice & waiting for something good to happend i played the powerball a few times & i don’t gamble, my mind has change a little i’m still waiting for something good to happend & a letter to my first meeting.

  3. Kaintus Oweka on

    I just received my “Neothink: Superpuzzle” and I am now on chapter 11. I am thrilled by the Annabelle story thus far. I am still at a loss on how to acquire wealth, power and control, and be able to meet my family’s financial responsiblities; and live the dream life I always aspired all my life. I have just lost my job as a Clinical Social Worker due to licensure issue as my time ran out. I have passed the first part of the exam but did not have enough time to sit for the second exam. I am currently studying for the final CA Written Clinical Vignette exam.

  4. Kaintus Oweka on

    Received The Heirloom package and read ten chapters. So far it is intriguing. I am new an I have not attended any of the secret meetings yet. I am following my mentor’s directions by opening this web page, Thanks, Kaintus Oweka

  5. richard novotny on

    Hello,I am a recently new member and have read S.O.S.secrets and half of S.O.S.powers. My Neothink SuperPuzzle arrived only a couple of days ago, but whats really exciting is a few great things have happened to me recently. 1, I”ve got rid of a bad influence in life. 2, My true love isn’t now going to marry someone else. 3 I’ve acquired a good paying job starting in the morning, after not been working since 2006. Now all this has happened since I’ve received a letter telling me that all this is possible to come. I’m very excited about the message that I’m receiving from my readings of S.O.S. I am now tending to join a meeting so to further my new found happiness. RICHARD,NOVOTNY

  6. Lillian Lowden on

    I am a new member and is just finishing the first
    manuscript. I am new at this and following your
    direction. Lillian

  7. Ibis Z odio on

    Hi I’m a new member. Last week I received the second group of books. Right now I’m on the second book of SOS Superpuzzle and there are very interesting. I’m looking foreward to be in the meeting for fist time. I’m a desabled person since 1999 for car accident on my way to work.

  8. wilbur juliam smith on

    I am a new comer in this fierd of thanking.I may find to old.

  9. andres de leon on

    I’am new at this, I’m not even computer literate.
    I’am attempting to get activated for the free monthly Essence Meetings.

  10. Milton Manning on

    I’m still reading my Neothink Universal Secrets

    my first book I won 400 hundred dollars reading

    my first book. Soon I’ll be on my second book



  11. Emam Muhammed on

    With G-d’s NAME: Hi Mark! i’m not locating my username and password proberly because i’m new at this computer blessing,i need instruction, thanks 5/17/2011=Wazir/Muhammed/Emam

  12. tommyhallmark on

    well thank you and i thought iwas allready a member i just need to know who to contact where im at or how to start a clubhouse and a few other things i have just been in aaw over the whole thing just surfing throuht the site but now im still wondering where i fit in to win do you naw wat i sayayayayang just a kided nn so if you so kindly point me in the wright direction i wil talk to you at at a later time sencerly trh

  13. Joseph Reichard on

    I just received the Inside secrets book and finished reading the superpuzzle book and found it very revealing. I can’t wait till I start going to the meetings to learn from the best. I hope I don’t let anybody down.

  14. greg paris on

    new member reading superpuzzle miss Annabelle just met mr.Melbourne the story has been wonderfull so far I have never read a book my whole life I DROPED out of school at 16 yrs old and for the first time in my life im reading a book im so interested in the book I find my self reading every chance I get even while im working or in restroom very rewarding indeed thank you sincerely Greg p.

  15. greg paris on

    p.s. im 55 yrs. old its about time

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