Neothinking in Adversity!!!

Dear Mark Hamilton,

I have another Neothink testimonial!!! On Saturday, December 26, 2009 I slipped on icy snow and broke the fibular bone in my ankle. On that winter day we experienced a blizzard in Chicago, which limited my family and close friends ability to help me. From the hospital I called a member our the Neothink Society and although he was relaxing comfortably at home enjoying his new Christmas present a big flat screen television he came to the hospital emergency room and drove me home.

Three days later a Neothink member who I had met for the first time two weeks prior to my injury picked me up from my home and drove me to my first’s doctors appointment. The following week another Neothink member drove me to my alternate medical specialist’s appointment.

Thanks to the Neothink Society and its resources I have had the opportunity to grow as an individual the past ten weeks. The recommended reading and online resources have mentored me and empowered me to grow to the next level. Although I do not have medical insurance I attracted two amazing medical specialists who are taking excellent care of me.

Thank you so much Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. The Twelve Visions Party will Make All the People Rich Including the Poor manifesting the Twelve Visions World.

Wealth Health Peace!!!

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3 Responses to “Neothinking in Adversity!!!”

  1. Keith Peterson on

    My opinion is in the end, Neothink Society Members will be the only people whom I want to associate with.

    Just an opinion-

  2. Melvin G. Cornwell on

    that is because they are people worth knowing.
    Melvin 81

  3. Kay Samalin on

    Keith, one of my most important values in the Neothink Society is my contact with other Neothink members. The more people become members the more wonderful people we will have to be with.

    New York City

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