The Ten Second Miracle

The Formula Revealed in the Level 2 meeting with Mark Hamilton, the formula for unlocking the Ten Second Miracles, is absolutely amazing! It is just like Mark Hamilton said in that meeting: with this tool, ANYONE can discover new and powerful ways to profit in ANY situation! Just use that secret formula and the insights and integrations snap together at such lightening speeds! I have used this technique EVERY SINGLE DAY since I first heard it in my level 2 meeting with Mark Hamilton! My Life is SO MUCH richer than ever before!

Thank you Mark Hamilton! Thank YOU – Neothink Society!

Yon Cole

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  1. Lila Bennett on

    Dear Yon,
    We all do get the hang of using the Ten second miracle…These are wonderful when they occur, and there is a sort of “formula” to using them, that will come about as you progress into Neothink! These will increase the more your focus is on seeking a solution or solutions to “something”…Bless Mark Hamilton for being so aware that he picked up on such Tools for members of this Neothink Society to use. It is saving us as individuals, stimulating us into extraordinary BEings, and will be able to do the same with our Country via the Twelve Visions Party and Prime Law.
    Love, Lila Bennett

  2. Jill Reed on

    “Lightening speed” are the words you wrote. Yon, I have watched and worked closely with you since October, and I see that in you! Catch another Ten Second Miracle! We will expose more and more people to the teachings of Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink® Society, and they will be experiencing those miracles and not looking for the promise of death, to give them hope. That paradigm shift is so significant to living the life we are meant to live. I am happy to be working with you my friend.

    Catch a hug!

    Jill Reed

    P. S. – Did you feel that pride again today?
    P. P. S. – Did I say I Love You? Well I do, for the value you bring me, every day!

  3. Kenneth Townsend on

    10 second miracles are amazing! I have had many. They have helped me in my work with Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party®. They have brought song lyrics to my mind and poetry too. When we focus on a solution to anything we get 10 second miracles which bring us the answers we were searching for.

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton!

    Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

    Order the book, Wealth, Health, Peace! 888-859-6859

    Neothink® Member services, 800-480-2336

    With Love Kenneth

  4. Liz Szarka on

    It really is a beautiful thing to see how easy it becomes to unlock those “ten second miracles” (TSMs) as Mark Hamilton coins them in his literature. I can only imagine how many hundreds of TSMs he had unlocked himself when putting together the Twelve Visions Party and his book “Health, Wealth, Peace.” Phew! Love, Lizzy

  5. Kay Samalin on

    Hi Yon, everyone should be using the Ten Second Miracles. If everyone could use them there would only be wealth, health and peace.
    Liz, I like imagining how many hundreds of TSMs Mark Hamilton has unlocked putting the Twelve Visions Party toether.

    New York City

  6. vitaliy on

    When we focus on a solution to anything we get 10 second miracles? Who ever was not focusing on a solution to something?Is this the secret? Why 10 seconds?Is somebody can explane this? Tnanks.

  7. on

    Could you please tell me about this ten seconds miracles ? I need help. Many thanks for your replies.

  8. ed wilson on

    what is the ten second miricle


    hey Mark Hamilton im still trying to figure out the ten second miracle


    i purchased several books an still can’t figure

  11. YOGAN DASS on

    Hi Hamilton,

    I bought your second book and currently reading this book. Can you please explain what is this 10 seconds miracle. I am yet to understand this 10 second miracle. Please explain to me in which book is this explained.. I am having the second book the heirloom package. If you could tell me where its found I can purchase that book. I am in a very bad financial state. Please help me. I need your help. Thanks in advance.

    Yogan Dass

  12. saloshini naidoo on

    I have so many ideas on how to improve different areas of my life but it is difficult to be as focused as required and therefore difficult to achieve goals. Please allow me the ability to find the 10second miracle.

  13. anna on

    please can you reveal to me the 10 seconds miracle?yes i have receved the manuscript.but i have no money to order the book .can you please help me?thankyou..anna…i do promise to by the book on later date .thankyou…please please.

  14. anna on

    i would like to know the secret formula of the the v10 seconds miracle .thankyou anna

  15. Jill Reed on

    Ten-Second Miracles cause a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift can happen in politics very soon. Politics cause poverty and politics can lead America out of poverty. The Prime Law of Protection, The 3000 Year-Old-Secret, will be proposed as an amendment to the U. S. Constitution by the Twelve Visions Party. Vote for Reed/Cary in 2012 if you want freedom from initiatory force and you want to see The 7 Effects on America that Mark Hamilton, founder of the party sees as possible. Believe in possibility instead of poverty! Read the Book The 3000 Year-Old-Secret and Vote for Reed/Cary 2012.

  16. Anton on

    Dear Mark Hamilton!
    As I understand 10 second miracle is 10 commendments which is needed to be pronounced in 10 second. Only God can do it for anyone whom He wants to prosper. I know by beliving in Jesus I can be happy in any situation and fear no one. I can be happy then everything is bad by knowing that Jesus will make it good for me in the future. Having money will not buy security and happiness but of course it can help person to make other people more happy. I am happy now, but If you wish me to be more happy send me some money…

  17. Dufeu on

    Pouvez-vous me dire comment se procurer le livre depuis la France et m’expliquer ce clairement ce Miracle en 10 secondes de façon à l’utiliser! (Hypnose inverse)
    [translated – Google by Moderator] Can you tell me how to get the book from France and clearly explain what this miracle in 10 seconds so use it! (Hypnosis reverse)
    thank you

  18. Joe B on

    Very interesting that people are having a hard time figuring out the 10 second miracles. I only got the book called “The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time!” and I figured it out reading over it a second time with a open mind. Not to sound mean or anything but I do have a high IQ….I suggest to any one having a hard time to relax the mind and read over it once the mind is clear and take notes if you need to. That is my advice.

    P.S. I used The 10 Second Miracle twice. The first time it worked perfect but the second time it wasn’t perfect but it still was part of the 10 seconds. Very interesting stuff… I look forward to posting here again in the future.

  19. horace on

    I like to learn more about the 10 second miracle?

  20. alicia on

    I received your booklet. But money is an issue. So as much as I want to I will have to pass unless you have another suggestion.

  21. Krisa Pilszak on

    I have read all of your books. I am still trying to intergrade all info. I would like more info on 10 second miracle. thank you .

  22. Martin on

    I read the first installment pamphlet. Within four days, I received a 3 day notice to vacate apartment. I did not worry about it and beat it. I also hit my first Royal Flush in vegas. It wasn’t much money but it was something that had never happened to me before. I am now awaiting the manuscript.

  23. Quixote Williams on

    First of all, let me say that I am grateful for the insights provided in the Package of Inside Secrets. At the time that I purchased the book, I was in a severe state of depression in life but did not know it. All that I “knew” was that my life was messed up. Through a long series of events and bad decisions, I had crippled myself financially and emotionally. I had to save to buy it but I was determined to turn my life and for whatever reason I felt that this would help me. I received the book and just started reading. I didn’t rush out and “start applying the principles ” to my life, I just began to see things from a different vantage point. Soon, because ( I believe ) I eliminated about 95% of mystical beliefs and habits out of my life, I began to make better decisions with more realistic expectations and in doing so have been able to improve my quality of life. Even so, there are still obsticles in life, but I am better equipped to deal with them. I have questions about the 10 Second Miracles and the formula to unlock them. It has been 4 years since I began this journey…

  24. thomas on

    the ten second miracle is easy to understand, just think about intergated honesty.

  25. Roxanne Turner on

    I have received the 1200 pages book and I am still trying to figure out the 10 second miracle I need help!!

  26. alfonso martinez on

    how do I do the 10 second miracle

  27. Steve Nelson on

    I have never seen so many lost individuals. Everyone is looking for an easy fix. Come on people, let’s be real. If an answer or solution requires money you can rest assured that the only one who profits is the recipicant of your hard earned money.
    Obviously the answers you all seek are financially based, either by necessity or by greed. So here is a sound piece of advice. To change or alter your present situation you will have to realize and accept the fact that it will take time.
    There is no quick or free fix. Next you have gain control over your finances. Figure out how to consolatate your monthly bills. Eliminate spending needlessly (drugs,liquor,cigarettes,etc.)
    Obtain a higher paying job or seek a second one.
    Interviews are important and first impressions are important so dress up and look good.
    If you have a low paying job – here are your options:
    Never quit a job until you have a replacement job. The best time to find a job is when you have one. How you may ask?
    Do some research online. Think outside the box. Many new jobs will teach you the ropes. Don’t limit yourself. Go to your local libraries and search the job resource books they have.
    Also network with everyone. There’s someone out there who just might have the lead that you seek.
    You must put your financial data and plan on paper. Looking at your situation on paper may depress you but at the same time it can be used to motivate your direction into a more positive mode. Instead on hoping for pipedreams use your time and thoughts to clean up your existing life. Pick your priority problems first. Too many times we may be overwhelmed with the vast problems we acquire and fail to act in a true constructive manner. As you clear.up one bill or problem at a time that a moment to praise yourself.
    Don’t allow others to distract you from your mission at hand.
    Be strong to yourself and try not to procrastinate. Life can be twisted and cruel and seem unfair but with determination and time it also can be filled with fulfillment, peace of mind, love, and understanding.
    The only reason I have taken the time to write all this, is due to the large amount of people that have written their disgust.
    So in hopes that maybe someone may find a little bit of incentive to better their plight I have offered a few ideas. I do wish you the very best of luck in your life’s dreams. Steve

  28. rebekah argueta on

    I got the first book.i did enjoy the book and now i want the last book the main one.i just cant afford it right now but i would like to go all the way with the secret society.i do understand the illuminati and i really want to be one of you.right now im real sick with cancer and other problems so i really need you in my life.i feel that if i get in the secret society family i might just live alot longer.i hope people really do understand what the books are teaching us.we have to make our lives and world like mark hamilton has shown us that it can be.i have to say they really are great books.i will always support the secret society in the way they are trying to make our world a much greater thank you very much for sharing the word of neothinks and more. Thank you. Rebekah A. Sorry that my words may not have come out wrong,but im very ill right now

  29. olga on

    Every single day I say; Bless Mark Hamilton for being with us always.Thank you Mark Hamilton!Thank you Neothink Society.olga

  30. thomas on

    i think the ten second miracle is intregating reality honestley and acting on it, think of a situation you have , intergate all the facts of it honestly, and act on it, that is your ten second miracle, what else could it be,thinking this way most of the time is not easy, requires super disapline every day

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