Value Reflection

I absolutely LOVE this Feeling! Whenever I just reflect on the values in my life… it’s gratitude and wonder!

Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me find this incredible feeling, more than I ever imagined!


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8 Responses to “Value Reflection”

  1. Kenneth Townsend on


    I too love that feeling, it is amazing. Such a wonderful feeling to know that we are helping to create a world filled with value creating, peaceful minded people! Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party® will bring to each one of us Wealth, Health, and Peace!

    The Prime Law is the fundamental of protection, added as an amendment to the United States Constitution will remove flaw filled men and women from ruling over us!

    You can order the book Wealth, Health, Peace, by calling 1-888-859-6859

    Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

  2. Yon on

    Thanks Kenneth! I just received my copy of Wealth, Health, Peace! Absolutely Brilliant!

  3. Lila Bennett on

    Dear Yon, and Kenneth,
    I will third the opinion that value reflection if one of the joys of life and living. There is nothing like the contemplation of one’s creations. It is like touching the core of our life-source! I also have received the new book, and am almost entirely through reading it. This book should thrill anyone’s BEing who reads it! AND applies its SECRETs!
    Love, Lila Bennett

  4. Jill A Reed on


    Hey, I agree with that thought of yours it is easy to get that loving feeling when one becomes part of The Neothink Society® founded by Mark Hamilton. Once that that “feeling” hits one can’t help but want the success of his Twelve Visions® Party, as we help add value to others lives through “The Most Ambitious Get-Rich Program for the Masses In the History of Mankind!” To learn more visit:

    Jill Reed

  5. Adam Huntley on

    I for one am going to get my first copy this weekend, right after signing the TVP Contract. I have already learned so much about “Wealth, Health, Peace” through much of Mark Hamilton’s multi-generational manuscripts, and I very much look forward to getting all the details I can about how life was meant to live…without suppression or harmful initiatory force! Thank you so much Mark Hamilton!

    So that number is 1-888-859-6859. I’ll be sure to call ASAP!! Love and Peace!

  6. Liz Szarka on

    Hi Yon, I love the feeling too. Mark Hamilton wakes us up with his literature, allowing us feel alive. We progress our minds through self-thinking and integrations, allowing ourselves to feel productive – all the while becoming creators of values. The Twelve Visions Party provides viable solutions for healing and running our country (not like the loud looking bandages and palliative prescriptions that the current government hands out), giving us back feelings of hopefulness and purposefulness. That’s a lot to feel honestly good about – no veneers, only honest solid foundations to build our lives on. With Love, Lizzy

  7. Kay Samalin on

    Hi Yon, I too love the wonderful feeling that go deep within me. Each day is a good day. I owe my conscious inner growth to Mark Hamilton and his mentoring.

    New York City

  8. Melvin G. Cornwell on

    Hi Yon
    In 4 days I will be 81 years old and thanks to Mark Hamilton I now have a reason to live to be a 100. I love the feeling of being usefull. Im no longer sitting around waiting to die. I offer the Twelve Visions Party the rest of my life, its a cause worth working for and future generations will know a better way.
    Melvin 81

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